immigration attorneys in Ottawa, ON
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When you think of it, immigration law is probably one of the federal government’s most misunderstood and underappreciated areas. What Americans don’t know about immigration law can hurt them far more than what they know about immigration policy can help them. The bottom line is that it is essential to understand your rights and responsibilities as an employer at all times, especially if you plan on hiring foreign nationals.


Many people think that they can handle immigration matters with the click of a mouse or tap their fingers on a bright phone screen. This is not the case. Immigration law isn’t something to be taken lightly, and it certainly isn’t something that should be negotiated by those who aren’t trained in the area. But in today’s economy, business owners are often forced to do just that, putting themselves at needless risk for fines and possible criminal charges.


The most qualified people to help you with your immigration laws are immigration attorneys in Ottawa, ON, specifically those who have been in practice for at least ten years or more and have a strong background in dealing with employers and employees daily. Their knowledge is imperative for helping you understand how immigrant employees fit into your company, how H-1-B visa holders fit into your company, and how non-immigrant visas such as the O-1 work. It also helps them know what will happen if there are any violations along the way because they have seen these cases before, often devastating to individuals, businesses, and even entire industries like healthcare (think nursing shortage).


An immigration lawyer is essential for companies with many non-immigrant employees.


It’s also a brilliant idea to consult an immigration attorney when your company hires a foreign national in any capacity but particularly if you are bringing in an executive or leadership position, a key employee, or if the person is being imported to fill a regulatory position such as a registered nurse (RN). A visa specialist can help you with your O-1 or L-1 visas and can also help you with other non-immigrant visas, including inventors, assistants, diplomats, and particular classifications for athletes.